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SAT Prep


Curie Learning was a vital factor for me getting a high score on the SAT. The teachers were very patient when I needed an explanation on a question, and they were thorough with the concepts and necessary skills to do well on the test. The managers were very organized and coordinated with class timings, changes in the schedule, and mock test dates. In class, the worksheets and practice questions reflected the same style and structure of the questions on the SAT, and they helped me prepare for the exact style of questions on the actual test. Most of all, the mock tests allowed me to see how much time I was taking and helped me develop a sense of which questions to answer first in order to maximize my points. Overall, the teachers, managers, practice questions, and mock tests helped me immensely, and I strongly recommend Curie Learning for anyone who wishes to get an exceptional score on the SAT.

- Harshal N.

Maggie Walker Test Prep


I can’t thank Curie Learning enough for the help they provided me. I was able to refine my essay writing skills at the center, learn ways to solve logic problems, and learn the proper test taking skills to succeed on test day. The teachers and coordinators went out of their way to provide me with the necessary material, and help me with all parts of the Maggie Walker test. The Curie faculty was both committed and dedicated to me throughout my preparation. With the assistance of the staff, I received excellent scores on the admission test, and was accepted into Maggie Walker.

- Anshul C.

Great CogAT Prep Program..

Curie Richmond helped our daughter in second grade get into the program! We only had little time to prepare for my daughter’s gifted entrance exam and with the help of Curie Richmond, she scored well on the CogAT test and was admitted to Gifted program at her public school.

The Counselors at Curie walked us through the process and explained to us how verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills are kindled and honed in a student.

It was very helpful preparing her for the type of questions that would be on the test. 

- Mr & Mrs. Talluri